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The real exertion in the case of an opera singer lies not so much in her singing as in her acting of a role, for nearly every modern opera makes great dramatic and physical demands. -Maria Jeritza

The real exertion in the case of an opera singer lies not so much in her singing as in her acting of a role, for nearly every modern opera makes great dramatic and physical demands. -Maria Jeritza

Christina offers one-on-one personalized acting coaching sessions as well as group workshops to opera singers looking to enhance their acting abilities in opera performance. She utilizes tools and exercises from acting techniques based in Meisner, Stanislavski, Laban Movement Analysis, Feldenkrais, Viewpoints, textwork, clown, and neutral mask. She adapts these exercises to the individual opera singer's needs without compromising any of their operatic singing goals. Her integrated acting coaching allows opera singers to connect to the impulses of their character, while maintaining top vocal technique. 

Based off of personal experience, Christina understands the demands and stress that opera singers face in today's industry.

Top 5 Qualities an Opera Singer Must Master

Exceptional vocal technique

Comprehensive theatrical training

Proficiency with 5+ langauges

Excellent musicianship and personal artistry

Political knowledge and acumen in the opera industry​

Top 4 Fears of an Opera Singer

Vocal: stamina, illness, technical challenges

Emotional: rejection, stage fright, competition with peers

Acting: Emotional vulnerability, physicality, lack of training

Politics: management, networking, "you have to be working to get work"

Christina believes that opera at its best is the union of drama and music. Opera singers need to communicate the human condition in their performance and connect with the audience. Opera singers are actors and must honor their character's motivations and desire.


I have designed my opera acting coaching sessions around my research of opera singers' fears, needs, and the demands of the profession. I offer individual acting coaching sessions with or without a pianist.

Each session will cover my five aspects of coaching for opera singers:


  • Decrease nerves and stage fright

  • Manage negative thinking, perfectionism, self-criticism,  

  • Foster confidence and trust in your talent and abilities


  • Be present and aware to react from impulse to what’s happening on stage

  • Create and live in the body of your character

  • Know how to make any direction work for you

  • Use the stage, set, and blocking to your advantage

Integrated Disciplines 

  • Be the whole package: sing AND act in any role and any language

  • Integrate all aspects of performance: acting and vocal technique with foreign text, stage direction, character biography, and intentions/stakes within each given circumstance


  • Be the singer they want to hire back again and again

  • Present your best self in auditions

  • Comprehend and navigate the diverse business models in the Opera Industry

  • Utilize your unique gifts to elevate your marketability

Health Support

  • Make healthy eating and lifestyle choices to support your voice, body, and mind

  • Protect your voice from fatigue and burn out

  • Heal your voice from injury with holistic remedies

  • Manage stress from performance and career demands

Download package details at the bottom of the page or contact me today. 

 WHAT CLIents say 

"Christina helped me finding something inside me that boosted my confidence while singing. She told me it was up to me to find that sparkle, that something that would have turned my confidence on. I thought about it and I found it. Her coaching style is MOTIVATING and after our session I felt lighter and full of energy. She is very patient and made me feel comfortable since the beginning. She knew exactly what my "problem" was and helped me problem solve it. I really want to thank you, because even though we only had one session, you gave me a lot of tips and my way of thinking towards my singing has changed. I feel much more confident and relaxed about it."-Rocco P., Tenor

"Christina's approach is practical, supportive, considerate, and patient. She was committed to making sure I was comfortable with how I was singing, rather than allowing me to stress about the performance. Christina's positivity is the foundation of her teaching."--Leila N., Alto

"Christina is a friendly and supportive coach. Thanks to her coaching, I now think while I'm practicing being in the character "what do I want". She helped me to feel the song and let myself embrace it from the first chords of the accompaniment."-Ana S., Soprano

"Opera acting possesses a unique challenge due to the two major musical restrictions of rhythm and pitch. In example: Inflection is almost entirely inflexible. If a phrase ends in a descending pitch there is nothing the singing actor can do to present this line as a question. Rhythmically the singing actor is also constrained to a fault. One cannot be moved by the drama and reply more suddenly or in a varied way. Also the delivery of the line can not be altered to serve a sincere internal tempo. So how do you gain dramatic sincerity within a musical drama? It is a meticulous and complicated process.

The vast majority of consummate acting instructors who have studied classically have studied solely as non-musical actors. This is due to a political division in the University system that segregated music and theatre departments. Consequently the talent pool of acting coaches who can teach acting to singing actors is extremely limited.

Christina possesses a unique educational background of having seriously studied both singing and classical acting. She is keenly perceptive and possesses a talent for firm but kind guidance. Her skills are a valuable and in demand asset to our highly specialized field."--Craig Colclough, Bass-Baritone, ENO London

"Acting is an integral part of our art form and the fact is that the vast majority of opera singers do not receive any formal acting training as part of their curriculum. It is no wonder that opera singers are renowned as being horrible actors. As someone who has sought out acting training when possible and has visited an acting coach to help prepare arias, I can speak from firsthand experience that my preparation in this area has gotten me jobs. It has provided me the extra edge needed when singing against a myriad of talented singers. It has also proven an invaluable asset when given a limited time to rehearse and prepare a show (sometimes as little as two weeks!). The work that Christina offers opera singers is something opera is in dire need of and she provides an invaluable resource to the community as a whole."--Erin M., Soprano​

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