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Curated by Globe Associate Artist Athena Stevens, who directs with Robin Norton-Hale, Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves is inspired by Sandi Toksvig’s ongoing campaign to redress the gender imbalance of Wikipedia: at last count, out of the 1.5 million biographies in English on the site, only 17% are of women.

20 phenomenal writers come together to summon up the memory of those for whom history hadn’t told the full story, in the biggest ever festival of new writing in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Christina's monologue, "Sister Story", was about the lives of Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, sisters who had severe disabilities and who were also first cousins to Queen Elizabeth II. The sisters were also featured in

The Crown (Season 4, Episode 7).

      HACK THEATRE     

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MAY 2020

UNMUTE is a bold, new and accessible response to this strange new world, that kickstarts the conversation for the arts to become more inclusive than ever. Through a series of digital moments, HACK Theatre invites you to meet and listen to six artists from all across the globe, as they share their thoughts and experiences, their hopes and fears. Each artist will also share a blistering, truthful short adaptation piece that captures this moment and the need for change.


Enjoy Christina's:

  • Video interview

  • Guided meditation

  • New monologue "From Inside the Chrysalis", adapted from Pema Ch​ödrön's book When Things Falls Apart.

  • Twitter Q&A with Hack Theatre

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Migreatives is a podcast from Woven Voices that showcases the experiences of first generation migrant creatives working in the UK. Hosts Nadia Cavelle, Zachary Fall, and Ben Weaver-Hincks talk to artists from theatre, film and television about the challenges and opportunities of breaking into the British culture scene. At a unique time of change and rebuilding, Migreatives seeks to champion the migrant and international voices of the UK’s diverse arts community.

Enjoy Christina's interview on disability and access in the arts, her hit one-woman show Dangerous Giant Animals, and auditioning as an international performer in the UK.

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