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Christina Murdock is an award-winning playwright, actor, and opera singer who's been featured in The Guardian, BBC World Update, BBC Arts, The Stage, and London's Evening Standard. Recently, she was one of the playwrights of London's Shakespeare's Globe Theatre's biggest new writing festival, "Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves". 

Christina's award-winning and five-star solo show, Dangerous Giant Animals, has been performed 44 times in four countries, including at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Vault Festival in London. Dangerous Giant Animals is an auto-biographical sister love story that explores the sibling perspective on disability in a family.

Christina is originally from San Francisco and is based in London. She was awarded the UK Exceptional Talent visa and has been a member of the Royal Court Theatre's Writers' Group. She received her Master of Acting from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, her Bachelors in Opera from University of Redlands, and attended Phillips Exeter Academy.

Christina is a passionate advocate for the issues of disability, care-giving, anti-racism, accessibility, and inclusion. 

Follow Christina on Instagram @murdockmusings
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